One Year After the “Open Letter”

One year ago, I wrote an open letter to three men. What these men had in common was me, and their desire for commitment during a time when I wasn’t ready. It was the most viewed piece I’d written for WC prior to my domain switch, and it was my most vulnerable. I tend to … Continue reading One Year After the “Open Letter”

June #AskLing: Men Are Trash

DEAR LING, So I did my girl wrong and she forgave me but I’m still having trouble forgiving myself. I’ve been doing right by her but it feels like I’m giving her a hollow victory. I want her to be happy, she says she’s happy with me but I feel like idk. Like when a … Continue reading June #AskLing: Men Are Trash

May #AskLing: I’m Looking for Her…

image from DEAR LING,  Me and the dating scene have a love hate relationship. I’m part take whatever comes, part go for what you want, part ion even wanna do this shit. I think I know what I want in a partner (not super sure) but sometimes I objectively reflect on past situations and … Continue reading May #AskLing: I’m Looking for Her…

You Just Wanna Be Around

You Just Wanna Be AroundYou just wanna be around.You express your interest in me by the method of your choice, hoping that I’ll reciprocate that interest. You send me “good morning” texts, compliment my fire Instagram pictures, and take me out on dates (or not??). The problem is: you just wanna be around, you don’t … Continue reading You Just Wanna Be Around

#AskLing: March Sadness

  March: March Sadness (this month we're doubling up)   DEAR LING, I've had a side nigga for 2 years now (We "talked" for a year and a half before we started f*cking). Been with my dude for 5+ years.  About my Side Nigga: He's lowkey a fuck boy lol. Average paying job, waiting for a … Continue reading #AskLing: March Sadness