Killa’s Summer Beauty Faves

Let’s talk summer beauty, shall we? Disclaimer – I consider myself comfortable applying makeup and I’m always willing to try new things. There’s a few looks I shy away from based on my facial features (e.g., cut crease), but if I’m in the mood I go for it. Summer 2018 is also all about color … Continue reading Killa’s Summer Beauty Faves

ASK LING, Coming Feb 2018!

    I’ve contemplated this idea for WC for quite some time. During undergrad, I had a live video show with my friend Doug, and during the Ask segment we’d both answer questions that had been emailed to me. The viewers enjoyed listening to both perspectives. Typically, questions were submitted by women about interpersonal issues … Continue reading ASK LING, Coming Feb 2018!

Killa’s Eyeliner & Lip Faves (finally)

Wow, this is the first post I've written that's beauty related. I'm not a MUA, I've never received professional training, and I just learned how to apply false lashes 5 months ago. However, I slay, and that's why you're here. Most frequently I'm asked about lip products and eye liner. I'm going to share my favorites … Continue reading Killa’s Eyeliner & Lip Faves (finally)