About Me

Kamille is a counseling psychology Psy.D. student. She graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in 2014 with a BA in Psychology, and earned her MS degree in 2017. A Philadelphia native, Kamille loves long walks to Lorenzo’s and bus rides to NYC for brunch. Catch Kamille in line at Sephora – likely make that savings to checking online transfer. One day she hopes to advocate for the well-being and positive development of adolescent Black girls via research and community-based program development. As a doctoral student, she has provided mental health services to children and adults across various settings and administered various psych/neuropsych assessments. Her research interests include trauma, teenage dating violence, race-based traumatic stress, and makeup for hooded eyes. She prides herself in her ability to take great photos of others for Instagram. She loves to travel *cries in grad student* and thinks it’s dope when #LoveWins. Most importantly, she can’t pass up a good happy hour or cioppino.


Kamille sees herself as an ordinary girl doing extraordinary things. 


Photo by: Dayna B