Before City Girls There Was (And Still Is) Katrina Taylor

This is a personal blog, so occasionally things get personal.

In honor of the release of Trina’s latest EP Blue Magic, I decided I needed to pen a piece about the Queen of Miami…Da Baddest B!#ch…Katrina Taylor. Consider this an open letter to her for low-key making me the woman I am today. If you thought this was going to be a critique of the City Girls or me bashing the women who prefer them over Trina, that’s not what’s about to happen. This one’s for the girls who always knew.

Katrina Taylor taught me everything I needed to know about love, the hustle, and keeping my priorities in check. She taught me how to value myself. She encouraged me to love the woman I saw in the mirror every day. She also made it clear I only had myself in this world, and these n*ggas had nothing to offer that I couldn’t give myself.

Trina has always been legendary to me and I’ve never been embarrassed to admit I’m a fan. Regardless of the “competition” or other female rappers out there, she’s always been top 3 for me (and never 2 or 3). Let me be very clear: Trina stays booked and busy, so you can say what you want about her music or career – the Queen of Miami is eaaaating. Does your fave have a day named after her? Mine does.

So you’re probably wondering how exactly Trina had such an impact on my life. Well, Nann N*gga dropped when I was about 7 years old. I essentially grew up to the Queen of Miami. Beyond the literal meaning of Trina’s iconic (and pornographic) debut verse, there is (and has been) an underlying powerful message: there is no competition amongst me (her) and these other women. Name the category, and I’m (she is) the winner every single time. So, while it may have been an introduction to smashing the homies and making men climax, it was also clear that Katrina wanted women to take pride in whatever gifts they possessed. It’s been an overarching theme in her music; this, “do you know who I am? Don’t play with me” attitude. Honey, that is critical throughout late adolescence and young adulthood. She encouraged me to be my biggest fan.

I wasn’t always confident. I’m certain I grew into my physical features over time. However, I never second-guessed who I was and what I brought to the table when it came to romance or anything I touched. I knew guys wanted to have sex with me years before anything rated R took place. So what does Trina have to do with this? Where is the lesson? Well, in addition to self-confidence and sexual liberation, her music has always highlighted the importance of independence. When relationships end, you’ve gotta pick yourself up and keep moving. He may have hurt your feelings, but you’ll be a bad b!tch when you wake up – so act like it. I’m also going to add the importance of reciprocation– date men who have something to offer. Date men who contribute. Date men with value – good sex isn’t enough; put your money where your mouth is. And why is that? Because uh, do you know who I am? Don’t play with me. P*ssy has been, and always will be powerful. I knew that before I became sexually active and her music opened up mature content I honestly wasn’t ready for as a teenager. I had friends living the lyrics in real life, and that was scary. Witnessing their experiences reinforced the idea that there was something powerful about me as a woman and if I did this life thing right, I could have it all.

Trina’s studio albums released in 2000 (Da Baddest B**ch), 2002 (Diamond Princess), 2005 (Glamorest Life), 2008 (Still Da Baddest), 2010 (Amazin’), and 2019* (The One). I was 8, 10, 13, 16, 18, and 27 respectively. Think about yourself between 13 to 25…didn’t you need someone to remind you that you were a gem?

She has music for every mood. In love, feeling cocky, feeling sad, looking for the turn up, scheduling a dick appointment, etc. If you need it, she delivers. There’s an attitude that brews when you consume her music in large doses. Despite the normal ups and downs of teen/young adult development, I always bounced back. When I broke up with my first boyfriend (I was 16) I played Single Again daily for months. MONTHS. “THEY STILL CHECKING FOR ME! AND NEVER WILL YOU FIND ANOTHER BI*CH LIKE ME!” Do you understand what happens to people when they listen to that type of music all the time? Chile, you end up like me – confident but personable, self-aware, unbothered, and dedicated to your craft. Last but not least, you never forget the importance of securing the motherfuckin’ bag. Now that’s a bad bitch.

Cheers to Trina for 18+ years in the game and remaining Da Baddest B**ch to ever do it. I don’t know who I’d be without her.

Peace, Love and Lil Wayne,


*The original version of this post stated The One was released in 2018. It has been corrected to reflect the June 2019 release of the album.

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