You Just Wanna Be Around

You Just Wanna Be Around

You just wanna be around.

You express your interest in me by the method of your choice, hoping that I’ll reciprocate that interest. You send me “good morning” texts, compliment my fire Instagram pictures, and take me out on dates (or not??). The problem is: you just wanna be around, you don’t want to be in my life. 

You don’t want to be in my life. 

You fake go out of your way to make sure our inner circles are aware we’ve got something going on. The situationship is actually very lit, but you just wanna be around. You want me to answer when you call, you want me to cook for you, you want me to remain interested in you, and obviously you want to keep having sex. However, you don’t want to be in my life. You want to be around for the highlights, and when we’re convenient for each other. You don’t want to integrate yourself into my family, you don’t want to discuss what matters to me, but you always call when you need something. 

You ask me to hit you up when I’m in your city because I have more followers than you and I’m a “good look.” You wanna tell people you know me. You want people to see that we’re acquainted. Your business plan isn’t doing as well as mine, so you suggest we link up to “catch up.” You say you miss me. We went to school together so you think I’m supposed to treat you like a friend when you’re around. You’re not interested in what’s really going on, you’re interested in what it looks like is going on. You just wanna be around.

It’s not a new thing. Parents have warned us about fake friends and deceptive intentions since childhood. Social media constantly spews the highlights of everyone’s lives. Unfortunately, most people forget it’s just that – highlights. People who want to be in your life understand that who you portray isn’t who you are every day, and they remain close to you because of that. 

People who just wanna be around like the idea of you. They like what they think they know. They’re interested in what they think it’ll be like to be with you. They don’t actually want to be with you, though. It becomes apparent when you ask yourself, “what is this?” or “what are we?” When someone wants to be in your life, it’s clear. They attempt to assimilate themselves into what you have going on. You hear “we” more often. There is a lot more planning. Above all, there is no place for doubt. The spark remains lit because both parties are actively trying to satisfy the other. 

We can’t want to be in everyone’s lives all the time. It’s normal to respect your own boundaries and play your role. The problem lies in people who know they just wanna be around, but pretend that’s not the case. Save yourselves and the rest of us the trouble, and keep it pushing. You don’t want to be in my life; you just wanna be around, and the jig is up. Go bother someone else. 

Peace, Love & Lil Wayne,

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