ASK LING, Coming Feb 2018!


I’ve contemplated this idea for WC for quite some time. During undergrad, I had a live video show with my friend Doug, and during the Ask segment we’d both answer questions that had been emailed to me. The viewers enjoyed listening to both perspectives. Typically, questions were submitted by women about interpersonal issues (friends, romantic partners, etc.). Beginning February 1st, Wassup Caramel will feature #AskLing! There is no topic that’s off limits, but I will say my opinions/feedback will be based on my experiences, education, observations, and the experiences of family and friends. So, for example, if you ask me about budgeting as a graduate student I’ll have to confess that I am still trying to figure that shit out, but my classmate spends less than $15 on groceries weekly. If asked, I would include details and tips of my own + my classmate’s. Nevertheless, #AskLing will be anonymousand monthly. Considering my background in psychology, I’m looking forward to answering your questions about mental health, but that is not the primary focus of this feature. YOU are the primary focus of this feature.#AskLing is not therapy, but if you’d like to contact me for help seeking a therapist, I’m willing to assist. #AskLing is open to men and women! Keep in mind however, that all responses will be my own. The first #AskLing post will drop February 1st, 2018. If you submit a question and it is not featured on February 1st, stay tuned until March 1st for the second drop.
I’m excited about this, and I hope you are too. 
Send questions to
Peace, Love and Lil Wayne,


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