You vs. Them

So recently it’s come to my attention how important it is to care about and love who I am. I’ve been seeing this “it took me twenty something years to love myself and I don’t have that kind of time to give someone else” quote all over IG and twitter and it’s actually very true. So how important are you to yourself?

In various aspects of my life I am very selfish. When it comes to my family, my best friends, and my significant other, what’s mine is mine. Keep your hands & your mind off. I’ve recently found myself being overly generous with my time though. Stop dedicating your energy and your time to things that do not matter. You won’t get that time back, no matter how hard you try. My LS (line sister) texted me a couple weeks ago trying to go off about something I did (this was earrrrly in the morning mind you). I’m no morning person, so of course I didn’t even see it until I woke up two hours later, but the first thing I said back was “I don’t need this negative energy this early in my day, you have a great day at work.” Didn’t even acknowledge the nonsense she was trying to snap about. Learn how to deflect negative energy and do what’s best for you. Fight for a positive and PEACEFUL spirit 24/7. Your life will change so dramatically once you surround yourself with people who understand the importance of peace and being positive. My dad came to help me move out of my apartment last week and he had an attitude the GPS didn’t bring him exactly where I was. He basically was accusing me of giving him the wrong address….which makes no sense at all, but my deflecting skills were on one! “It’s early, I had a long night, and I don’t know what you’re mad about, but don’t take that out on me. I’m in the car now and I don’t see the point of you still having an attitude.” I was a little out of line to be honest but oh damn well. Deflect! Negativity be gone! You vs. Them. Your peace > what other people want. 
If it doesn’t bring you peace it shouldn’t be in your life. Now, I’m not saying go quit your job or drop out of school because neither of those bring peace or serenity, but you get my drift. Don’t breakup with bae because y’all argued last night; shit happens. So how selfish are you with your time and your energy? Be as selfish as you can be. When I’m upset, nothing can calm me down as fast as reminding myself I could be using that energy for something else, and I’ll never get that time I spent being upset back. Go running. Kickbox. Write. Sleep. Watch vines. Whatever, but don’t let “them” get in the way of you taking care of YOU. Stop putting yourself second to be the bigger person all the time. It’s possible to care about people too much when it jeopardizes your character. If you find yourself out of your element in a negative way, being foolish because you “care,” it’s time to be more selfish. Some people don’t deserve your time or your energy, and that’s fine. Just like you want people to act like they love you after they say it, you’ve got to prove you love yourself…to yourself. 
You vs. Them.
Who’s more important?

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