How to Get the Best Beach Bod

OK ladies I know its summertime and y’all wanna look great taking those pics for instagram (lmao) so I asked for a little help with some major problem areas and voila! Here it is. This is the email I received from Ms. Knight this afternoon… I told her I needed work on my love handles, hips, and midsection overall. Read and take notes (or just bookmark the blog cause I know that’s what you really want).

In order to even make sure your stomach is looking right and you see good results, you have to change up your diet, I’m not sure how your diet is currently, but you need to make sure you’re drinking lots of water a day pref half your body weight in oz., the more you drink, you will notice your toxins being flushed out more regularly. Also, it helps flatten the stomach. Make sure to keep up your water intake consistently! Try to drink at least a bottle of water right when you wake up, before every meal and before you go to sleep….as well as sipping throughout the day.
Another thing is portion control, try not to eat until you are full, and more so until you are satisfied. smaller portions help speed up your metabolism and after about 3 days of portion control you’ll notice you get fuller faster, which means your stomach is shrinking in size 🙂 here are other little tips to speed up your metabolism:
drinking green tea (1 to 2 cups a day)
eating more green/leafy veggies.
smaller healthier snacks throughout the day
starting and keeping a consistent routine of exercise/cardio.
The best way to keep track and make sure you’re eating and exercising right is to keep a food/exercise journal. i still keep one. i write down everything i want to eat/drink for the day and what exercises i want to do for the day. You can actually plan out your whole exercises for the week to REALLY make sure you stay on track.
In order to shrink the waist, you have to in general improve your diet, drinking more water and speeding up your metabolism will flatten out your stomach and shrink it as well. Doing ab and oblique exercises all tie into shrinking that waist line! As far as exercises go here are a few.
This is a good one i put on my tumblr for abs
also, here is one from my youtube for abs
Others, i personally do in my home: Bicycle crunches (elbow to opposite knee)
Side plank crunches
HIPS “Knee to Knee, Toe to Toe” -pilates move good for the thigh area right under the but cheek/outside hip area
Here’s another good link that has some hip workouts. bodypart=4
Also, another one, “fire hydrants”
Keep me posted on your progress ladies 😉
Peace Love & Lil Wayne

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